Welcome to morocco

The kingdom of morocco is situated in the north of africa in 2010 its population was 33.241.259 people. In the west moroco touches the atlantic Ocean and in the north the mediterranean Sea. Morocco has international borders with Algeria to the east, in the south morocco shares the borders with Mauritania. The first settlers of Morocco were the Berbers who converted into islam in the 8 th century. The official language of morocco is Arabic. Morocco is a monarchy and the king of Morocco today is mohammed the 6th.the currency of Morocco in the dirham.
Amodou vacation all over Morocco

We like to give you a deeper insight into our country and how the people here live and think. We take you to visit lots of local places to get knowldge about Moroccan life and our sightseeing trips explore the different landscapes and faces Morocco has to offer. We have more than ten years of experience in individual tourism and our highest goal is to always satisfy our customers due to their different taste and interst. We are keen that our customers enjoy the time they spend with us in Morocco and to experience our country as our Great welcome.
Amodou Vacation helps you to have a wonderful holiday :
  • We offer excursios and trips all over morocco
  • We also help you to find the right hotel, riad, Guest house or apartment
  • We organise for you a rental car independent of time or duration.
  • We organise trips with squads,motorbikes, VTT, Trekking.